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Proposed Coverage for Whispering Oaks

One of your neighbors is interested in bringing fast, reliable internet service to your area! Before we can move forward with the project, we need to know who is interested in getting service. If you are looking for download speeds up to 1Gbps, upload speeds up to 1Gbps, and fiber latency so you can work from home, attend online courses, video chat/zoom, or game online, let us know!

Pre-signing for service entails committing to installation within 30 days of service availability.

You can see our services listed below so you can make an informed decision about if this makes sense for you.

Speed Guage - Low.png

Up to 100mbps download

 Up to 100mbps upload

Unlimited Data

No Throttle



Minimum 50mbps/50mbps

Speed Guage - MedLow.png

Up to 300mbps download

Up to 300mbps upload

Unlimited Data

No Throttle



Minimum 100mbps/100mbps

Speed Guage - MedHigh.png

Up to 500mbps download

 Up to 500mbps upload

Unlimited Data

No Throttle



Minimum 200mbps/200mbps

Phone Service

Unlimited Local and Long Distance


$100 standard setup fee. Additional fees may apply.

Managed WiFi Router Lease

Our managed router lets us help you whenever you need


Support hours limited to company support hours

Static IP

1 Static IP for use with VPNs & remote security


Subject to availability

Interested in Pre-Signing up for service?
Check your address and fill out the form below and a rep will reach out to you with more details!

$0 Standard Installation Fee

1 : Installation does not include a router or home network configuration. Altitude ISP does not require the use of a specific router, and customers are welcome to provide their own as long as they are comfortable setting it up, putting a password on it, and keeping the firmware up to date. Alternatively, we lease managed wireless routers for $10 a month which includes set up and support.

2 : Altitude ISP equipment must be plugged into a surge protector (not just a power strip!) to reduce the chance that it is damaged by lightning or other power surges. The customer is welcome to provide the surge protector they would like us to use at the time of installation or they can be purchased from us for $20.

3. Outdoor antenna and attached cables and power supplies remain the property of Altitude ISP and may not be purchased by customer (there is no modem rental fee)

4. Standard installation includes outdoor mount, antenna, outdoor rated cat5e cable, ethernet ground block, ground bonding, and use of existing cat5e or cat6 structured wiring or new external entry of new cat5e cable. Interior run of new wiring incurs additional cost.

Additional Services

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